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Courtney R. Brown Jr.

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The Black Coffee Boys Story

In 2018, we started Black Coffee Boys to disrupt the traditional models of the coffee industry.  

Empowered by a vision to return Angola coffee to international prominence, it marked an historic collaboration between an indigenous African company and an African American company to export and import a commodity of any kind to the U.S.   Working with the Kikulungo Coffee Cooperative, Black Coffee Boys is the first and largest African American company to import coffee to the U.S. from Angola since the country gained its independence in 1975.

We’re inspired by the persevering spirit of the Angolan people.  

We’re committed to bringing the best coffee in the world to you.

Courtney          Walter       Rodney

Proudly Angola - The Return to Greatness

Angola was one of the four largest coffee producers in the world prior to 1975.  Our coffee is 100% organically grown in the Northwest region of the country which is famous for its rich soil, climate and altitude that naturally produces some of the best coffee beans in the world.

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