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The Essence of African Coffee from Angola

  • Angolan coffee was originally a Brazilian bean and as the slaves traveled from Angola to Brazil coffee traveled from Brazil to Angola.

  • Rich robust coffee made with premium specialty rated coffee beans from a single origin of Angola that provided deep richness and exotic flavor.

  • Certified Direct Trade and 100% organically grown in Africa.

  • Strong, smooth with no bitterness, no aftertaste, no acidity, no crash, no jitters.  

Our Bean - Products

Ground Beans

For your brewing convenience we offer ground coffee that has been ground to maximize the Angolan coffee experience.  We also offer a espresso blend for making the ideal cup of cappuccino, latte and other coffee products.

Whole Beans

We also offer a freshly roasted whole bean product allowing the consumer to grind their own coffee at their convince for optimal taste. smell and flavor.

African Blends Coming Soon!!
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