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Our History

Angolan Coffee History

Prior to Independence in 1975, coffee production in Angola reached about 230 000 tons per year, making Angola the fourth largest coffee-producing nation in the world. This reputation ended abruptly in 1975 with the onset of civil war.

The conflict lasted for a full 27 years, destroying most of the country and the lives of thousands. Although 12 years have passed since the peace agreement, development is yet to reach a desirable stage. Infrastructure in the country is slowly being rebuilt and the lives of the people are gradually returning to normal. However, many are still recuperating from the scars left by the war.

Even during the toughest times, many coffee farmers did not lose hope. They continued to produce coffee during even though they did not know where they could sell it. Today, most of those brave farmers are part of our cooperative.

Our Story – The Kikulungo Coffee Cooperative History


In the late 1980’s, the newly independent country of Angola made a strategic move.  In the midst of a Civil War, several prominent officials in Angola decided to send many of its best and brightest to America and other parts of the world to become the future leaders of Angola. They were to return to Angolan to be a part of the future political, business and intellectual leadership the country in the future as the country would have to re-establish itself after a long enduring civil war.  Miguel Bartolomeu Miguel was one of those selected few who went to America for education where he matriculated at the University of Michigan, Stephen Ross School of Business where he received his Bachelor’s degree before moving on to earn a Master’s degree in Finance. 


Upon finishing his studies in America, Mr. Miguel returns to Angola and began working with the oil industry, finance and also in the international banking field.  He went on to have a very successful career in banking and rose to become CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Angola, S.A. one of Angola's largest bank and was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Central National Bank of Angola.  


Being fully aware of Angola's long rich coffee history, Mr. Miguel formed and created the Kikulungo Coffee Cooperative. 

The Kikulungo Coffee Cooperative was created in 2010 to empower the small family-owned coffee growers and give them representation in the industry.

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